2Typically, the problem is rooted in a business scenario or symptom that is manifested through technology. It has been our experience that, once we can fully evaluate the root causes, we can develop the appropriate value roadmap or solution. Any roadmap or solution that we propose is based as close to standard functionality as possible and includes a full impact assessment and plan for the impacts on the people within the organization.

The Reveal team uses investigative methods, using standard SAP tools and reports, to interrogate the system, to track down symptoms of problems and then follow through to their root causes. It is a data-centric approach. There are feedback sessions that occur at either the beginning or the end of each day. These sessions validate findings and dismiss others as we gather results.

These findings usually point to people, process or technology as root causes of problems. At the end of each assessment, there is a comprehensive executive briefing. This briefing focuses on the findings and recommendations, but more importantly, it outlines the roadmap to maturity. At these briefings, it is expected that the senior leadership of the organization attend to ensure that the recommendations receive the right attention and drive moving forward.

What We Assess

Outcomes of the assessment typically include:

  • The organization’s Business Maturity® rating
  • Findings and recommendations
  • Technology readiness
  • Risk analysis
  • Prioritization
  • Roadmap
  • Financial / Value improvement opportunities

The assessment that Reveals offers is quick but provides extremely detailed analysis in various areas:

  • The Wellness Assessment focuses on the core business processes supporting the end-to-end value chain.
  • Three focused Assessments provide deep-dive analyses on very specific areas:
    • Functional Assessment focuses on a particular functionality or process

    • Platform Assessment focuses on a particular technology solution

    • User Experience Assessment focuses on increasing user productivity

  • A Sustainment and Support Assessment provides an in-depth review of the organization’s ability to sustain and support a high state of maturity.
  • The Business Maturity® Assessment incorporates elements of the focused assessments to provide the most comprehensive and holistic plan possible.

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