Business Maturity®

Transforming what matters happens when the road to business improvement is through Business Maturity®, an organization’s ability to meet and exceed its business goals by leveraging technology. An organization with a high Business Maturity® rating has proven ability to use and leverage the technology to drive change and ongoing transformation to meet its ever-evolving business goals.

Achieving Business Maturity® takes time, commitment, passion and leadership. The speed at which an organization is able to achieve Stage 5 Maturity depends on its ability to move through the Continuum (see diagram below) and to accurately target and measure progress toward business value — Stage 5. To raise its level of Business Maturity®, an organization needs to bridge that gap to achieve faster response times to market fluctuations and align its people structures with its system structures — one integrated system equals one integrated organization that is able to move at the speed of NOW.

By proactively managing information, the organizational dynamics and the SAP technology, an organization is able to better control the business and its associated risks. We have translated business and technology best practices into a methodology that has a singular goal: to help companies achieve ongoing VALUE optimization® (oVo®) through a smart use of people, process and SAP.

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