oVo™ Methodology

The pace of progress in enterprise applications has been dazzling — technology generations have collapsed to just years, even months. However, the progress in the art and science of leveraging information systems has been markedly slower. The consequence: a widening gap between what business and customers expect their systems to deliver and what companies can achieve with their technology investment. As direct result, organizations are slow to react to changing market conditions and operate at a low Business Maturity® level.

Developed by Reveal, ongoing VALUE optimization® (oVo™) is a proven, value-driven business methodology that Reveal uses to help clients raise their Business Maturity® ratings. It helps navigate the challenges that companies typically face by artfully defining a roadmap that clearly shows everyone the business value they will achieve along the way. By following a roadmap, it embeds change management elements into the project and ensures the transformation happens throughout the organization from the start. Additionally, while typical SAP implementations focus predominantly on getting the transactions to work, oVo™ focuses on helping clients optimize the functionality and utility of the system to make better and more informed decisions.

The oVo™ Methodology has been designed, implemented and validated internationally and can be applied in various functional areas of the SAP environment. It is focused on tangible and practical savings to the bottom line. Its three-stage approach empowers businesses in a very practical and tangible way to move people’s behavior toward business value, using the power of integrated processes, management tools and information technology to measure the improving performance at an individual level on a daily basis.

The oVo Methodology’s three-stage comprehensive approach: