Self Assessment

The road to business improvement is through Business Maturity®. This is measured by an organization’s ability to move through the Business Maturity stages and being able to accurately target and measure progress towards business value. By proactively managing information, the organization is able to better control the business and its associated risks.

Take the Self Assessment

Reveal offers the Self Assessment as a reliable tool to determine how well a company meets and exceeds its business goals by leveraging the technology it has in place. This assessment, based on our ongoing VALUE optimization™ (oVo™) methodology, should take approximately five minutes to complete and will paint an accurate picture of your company’s effectiveness in managing key areas described in the Business Maturity Continuum. Start by taking the Self Assessment to understand where your organization rates on the Business Maturity scale. Please note: To take this assessment, you will need to provide an active, business-based email address.


Ready to Transform What Matters?

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