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As part of our ongoing commitment to the Supply Chain Community, Reveal participates in events that educate the ERP community about the importance of Information Maturity, best practices, and how to leverage their existing investments.

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Our consultants stay active in their fields and continue to educate the others and themselves. Part of our on-going knowledge share, Reveal experts present regular webinars on a variety of topics to help you achieve immediate value with your existing technology.

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Missed one of our webinars? Our webinar series are recorded and are placed on our website for convenient viewing. Please check back regularly for new and updated content.

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Want to find out what your organization's Information Maturity Rating is? Take our short online assessment and learn how your company can start setting a course to improve Information Maturity and where to get Real Value from your ERP Solution.


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Mastering SAP Plant Maintenance Vodaworld, Midrand, Johannesburg: May 4-6, 2014

  • Improved Integration with Other SAP Modules Has Huge Value for PM
    Monday, May 5, 2PM
    Presenter: Joseph Grobler

    This session will introduce the audience to standard tools, reports, and techniques guaranteed to "switch the lights on" regarding the value in an effective integrated environment. PM will see the value they bring to themselves by understanding and using the opportunity for better communication within SA.

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SAPinsider Logistics & SCM Conference 2014 Nice, France: May 14-16, 2014

  • This unique seminar offers proven guidelines to reduce procurement spend, optimize inventory levels and reduce warehouse costs, increase production efficiency and more effectively meet customer demands. This is education that pays itself many time over. This year, Reveal speakers will present 7 sessions. Click Learn More to add their sessions to your agenda.

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SAP Centric EAM Brazil EM SÃO PAULO, SP: May 19-21

  • Reveal’s sessions at this conference will include:

    Overcoming the Challenges of Post-Implementation with SAP Standard Functionality You Already Own (simultaneous translation)
    Wednesday, May 21, 9:00
    Presenter: Joseph Grobler

    How Mastering the Monitoring of Maintenance Orders for Benefit Service Levels (simultaneous translation)
    Wednesday, May 21, 9:00
    Presenter: Joseph Grobler

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Mastering SAP Supply Chain Management with SAP Sofitel Sydney Wentworth, Sydney: August 10-12

Mastering Supply Chain Management with SAP VodaWorld, Midrand, Johannesburg September 1-3

Upcoming Webinars

Production Execution Optimization Starts on April 2014

Maintenance Organization Excellence Starts on May 2014

Thought Leadership Outlook - What's Next! Starts on June 2014

Previously Recorded Webinars

Production Execution Optimization Pre-Recorded  

Inventory Optimization Best Practices Pre-Recorded  

Planning for Supply Chain Success Pre-Recorded  

Getting to Value and Managing Change Pre-Recorded  

  • Getting the Value from your Supply Chain?

    Presenter: Rodney Dawson

    Date : 1/7/2014

    There is much much more value in your Supply Chain system. What are the signs? How to prove to others that improvements are possible without investing in more technology? What resources are available to help you start this process?

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  • How to get your Supply Chain Optimization started right!

    Presenter: Rodney Dawson

    Date : 1/14/2014

    Is there a way for us to quantify the opportunity in order to get executive support for what needs to be done? Supply Chains are made up of many interconnected functional areas - Where should you start? Would a Supply Chain health assessment help? What else to consider when preparing for this critical first step in Getting to Value?

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  • We know we can improve our Supply Chain! Here is the plan!

    Presenter: Rodney Dawson

    Date : 1/21/2014

    You believe there is opportunity for improvement in your Supply Chain, the question is what are you going to do about it? You have options. This webinar offers practical advice to get you on the road to success with the right team, the right resources and a clear plan.

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  • Sustainable results - Supply Chain Optimization

    Presenter: Patrice Matthias

    Date : 7/30/2013

    This is the final webinar in the Getting to Value and Managing Change Series.

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Thought Leadership Outlook - What's Next! Pre-Recorded  

Inventory Optimization Pre Recorded  

Managing the Change! Pre-Recorded  

  • Setting the stage

    Presenter: Doug Duszynski

    Date : 11/08/2012 11:00AM - 12:00PM CDT

    This webinar is part 1 of 3 in a Reveal USA webinar series "Managing the Change!" .

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  • Making the change happen

    Presenter: Doug Duszynski

    Date : 11/13/2012 11:00AM - 12:00 PM CDT

    This webinar is part 2 of 3 in a Reveal USA webinar series "Managing the Change!" .

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  • Maintain the change

    Presenter: Doug Duszynski

    Date : 11/27/2012 11:00AM -12:00PM CDT

    This webinar is part 3 of 3 in a Reveal USA webinar series "Managing the Change!" .

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SAP Analysis Tools Pre-Recorded  

Work Order Monitoring - Quality Demand From Plant Maintenance Pre-Recorded  

How to get my Procurement Activity on Board with Planning Pre-Recorded  

What Business must do to make SAP work Pre-Recorded  

Maintenance Optimization Pre-Recorded  

Setting Priorities Pre-Recorded  

Sales Logistics Pre-Recorded  

SOP / Production Strategies & Capacity Planning Pre-Recorded  

LIS - Inventory and Purchasing Pre-Recorded  

Exception Management Pre-Recorded  

Purchasing Optimization Pre-Recorded  

Business Maturity Pre-Recorded  



S&OP -- A tool set? A concept? A process? Joseph Grobler, Reveal USA

  • S&OP -- A tool set? A concept? A process?
    Joseph Grobler, Reveal USA

    Listen in on a recent interview with S&OP expert Joseph Grobler of Reveal. Joseph speaks eloquently about what S&OP really is, how it is different than sales forecasting, and why exectuives are increasingly seeing the benefits of planning sales that aligns itself with strategic business vision.

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Sales and Operations Planning: Today's Emerging Business Requirement Interview with Sean Elliffe