Wellness Assessment

The Wellness Assessment is the five-day, on-site analysis phase of the oVo™ methodology that we employ to help organizations rise above performing transactions and achieve tangible and measurable business value from their ERP investment. A Wellness Assessment enables an in-depth analysis of how well your supply chain is truly functioning.

The objective of the assessment is to show you where the tangible business value opportunities are within your current system; score your information maturity and then present the opportunity for improvement back you in your live system environment.

What to Expect from a Reveal Wellness Assessment

We will interrogate the information on your SAP system, with little to no engagement with the end users, and present the following:

  • The maturity of the information in your system, and the impact on the integrated environment
  • Where end users are working for the system, instead of having the system work for them
  • The impact of poor practices on the value of inventory and service levels
  • Management tools and reports within standard functionality and the ability to see root causes
  • A Roadmap that ensures productivity and business value in a sustainable fashion

To learn more, or to schedule a Wellness Assessment for your company, please email info@revealvalue.com.