Value Solutions

In everything we do, we believe in challenging traditional thinking about modern supply chains by revealing the hidden opportunities in existing technology and people, or applying the smart use of technology where appropriate. Once the data and processes are stabilized, the opportunity exists to evaluate the technology opportunities. As a guide, we always seek to deploy SAP-centric solutions or standard SAP configuration options to solve business challenges. The scenarios and solutions below represent the most popular grouping of our value solutions that we have applied for clients:

Cost-effective Small Parcel Shipping

Conducting Reveal’s small parcel transformation with the warehouse-integrated SAP® Event Management (SAP® EM) solution will help optimize your warehouse packing processes and reduce the cost impact of shipping. LEARN MORE

PO Prompt Payment

Leverage significant supplier-negotiated discounts and pay suppliers within negotiated terms by implementing a supplier prompt payment method. This three-way match solution works to guarantee that the supplier has shipped the product, that the carrier has taken ownership of the product and that this detail matches the invoice sent by the supplier. LEARN MORE

Fleet Management

Increase the profitability of each vehicle through timely maintenance and improved planning. With a comprehensive fleet management strategy, you will elevate awareness of where your equipment is at any point in time. LEARN MORE

Electronic Parts Catalogs

Extend your current SAP environment to include electronic parts catalogs to vastly improve the efficiency of your internal maintenance staff in finding, selecting and ordering parts. Utilize standard SAP structures, functions and Material Masters to fast-track the integration of OEM catalogs with standard SAP functions and help you continuously increase efficiency, reduce MTTR, increase service levels and reduce inventory. LEARN MORE

Deliverable-based Support

Companies that utilize outcome- or deliverable-based support models have saved as much as 30 percent on their overall support costs. Employ standard best practices and move away from customizations by successfully using the SAP functionality required to complete day-to-day activities without outsourcing support. LEARN MORE

Procurement Status Visibility

Gain process-wide visibility into procurement status and suppliers’ compliance to the procurement plan: This SAP Event Management solution allows for the tracking and monitoring of all exceptions or deviations to the plan down to the purchase order line level. LEARN MORE

myCustomers Sales Enablement

Provide sales representatives with a graphical dashboard that enables them to provide their customers with sale order status summaries in real time. They can see if orders have been delivered, are in process or have been delayed. Sales reps also receive important notifications to track an order. Reduce call center costs and increase customer service — through real-time sales order information. LEARN MORE

Supply Chain Analytics

Companies are managing their supply chains through ineffective spreadsheets that contain outdated information. Decisions based on poor data cost companies countless dollars. Now you can manage your supply chain from the palm of your hand with SAP-integrated supply chain Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). LEARN MORE

Serialized Track and Trace

Enact the traceability of your serialized product so you can effectively manage your supply chain from supply to demand fulfillment, while ensuring a good customer experience from start to finish. The SAP product suite contains four separate solutions that together provide for the end-to-end serialized track and trace process. LEARN MORE

Sales Order Visibility

Clarify the visibility of your critical orders. Monitor your high-value sample products by leveraging the SAP supply chain tool, SAP Event Management, to track the process. LEARN MORE

3PL Service Provider

Achieve an efficient, reliable and scalable transportation management process with strong integration to warehouse management and order provisioning functionality — one that provides an accurate cost basis and highlights exception areas that need to be addressed. LEARN MORE

Product Recalls and Withdrawals

Reduce your time to insight for batch issues with a browser-based graphical user interface. Enabling quicker analysis of batch relations as well as drilling down seamlessly to the underlying data, the application supports targeted product recalls and timely reporting, and it can receive batch genealogy data from a single or from multiple SAP and non-SAP systems. LEARN MORE

Business Networks

Optimize your EDI-based supply chain with scalability, reliability and availability. Leverage one of our EDI Managed Service Program options, including moving your EDI outside of your four walls or using our value-added support program to supplement existing skills. LEARN MORE about our flawless track record.

myOrders Customer Service

Designed utilizing standard SAP mobile functionality, this iPhone app offers your customers the ability to access to their SAP order information in a self-service fashion at any time. LEARN MORE