May 2016

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Golf vs. SAP Extended Supply Chain Optimization

By Sean Elliffe May 31, 2016 - Blog by Kelly Kuhlman

Common traits in golf and SAP supply chain optimization: Why getting to golf perfection and the perfect extended supply chain are similar in nature! The Basic Hypothesis Our high-performance ERP system has taken a sizeable investment to implement. It is designed to take our business where it needs to go, has been / should be set…

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Do you know whether you are keeping your OTIF customer promise?

By Reveal May 23, 2016 - Blog by Reveal

A customer, placing an order for a product to a manufacturer or distributor, expects a certain service level for that order. In short, the customer typically expects the order to be fulfilled with the correct product, to the correct location, on the promised date and for the correct quantity. These four attributes of an order serve…

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