November 2017

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Delivering Value on the Road

By Steven Crooke November 22, 2017 - Blog by Steven Crooke

I have always found it interesting to look at the statistics that are kept on the major league sports teams.  I find it jaw-dropping that we are able to generate and store as much data as we do.  This new world of big data, Internet of Things (IoT) and machine learning is our new reality. …

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Lighthouse™: Not Just A KPI Collector

By Rutul Thakkar November 1, 2017 - Analytics, Blog, oVo® Methodology, Supply Chain Management by Rutul Thakkar

It is an old saying, “What gets measured, gets done.” Lighthouse™ is a critical analytical solution specifically developed to complement the oVo® Methodology Reveal uses as part of their approach toward Business Maturity®. This solution works runs on the SAP HANA Cloud Platform. There are a lot of analytical tools that organizations use, but many of…

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If Forecasts are Wrong – Why do we Need Them?

By Patrice Matthias November 29, 2017 - Blog by Reveal

The one thing we know for sure is a forecast can be wrong, so then why are they so important?  Supply chains thrive on data, in this case, demand.  Rules in SAP (or any ERP system) are designed to align supply to demand.  The tricky part of the supply chain is having the right product…

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