December 2018

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Changing Lives, One Supply Chain at a Time

By Steven Crooke December 19, 2018 - Blog by Steven Crooke

Reveal promotes the phrase “Changing lives, One Supply Chain At a time.”  We turned these words into a core belief just less than 5 years ago in recognition that true change is really about the people, not about the technology. Truthfully, that might be over-simplifying the matter. We all understand that in today’s world, anything…

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How Do Rules and Behaviors Affect Change Management?

By Pete Kovac December 12, 2018 - Blog by Reveal

In life, we have rules set up to guide different processes. There are rules for driving, rules for paying your bills online and there are rules that we set for our kids. Each one of these rules can be in three different states; they can either be followed, bent, or broken. We’ve all seen the…

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