About Reveal

"Our work is the presentation of our capabilities." — Edward Gibbon

Reveal transforms SAP-centric supply chain-driven businesses to run better.

Our focus is to challenge the traditional thinking of the modern supply chain to ensure sustainable and successful businesses. We change the way people think and operate by revealing the hidden value in existing processes and deploying the smart use of technology. We combine wisdom, business smarts, technical expertise and artful precision to uncover exciting opportunities through our proprietary oVo® (ongoing VALUE optimization®) Methodology. Our approach is to assess the opportunity and then to transform the people, processes and technologies that ensure a sustainable organization.

Our story

Our story begins with an unlikely hero, the supply chain. To some, linear and static, disruptive and unwieldy, it is the symbol of frustration. To others less jaded, it is a necessary hurdle, one to be tolerated. But to us, as studied and humble practitioners, we see beyond its pitfalls to the heart of its promise. Its intention is good, its purpose transcends — because, at its core, it delivers what we all desire: the right products, at the right place, at the right time.

There is purpose in its complexity — an unbroached potential — to capture the bounty of commerce and give back to those beyond its reach — a utility for both business and benevolence.

Our Mission

Reveal is a business powered by purpose. Our mission is to use our knowledge of the supply chain as an indispensable link toward commercial success and social good. We believe every company, and every individual contains untapped potential to transform and succeed. It is our goal to create ongoing value, our most elemental methodology (oVo®), for both. To us, the real value is achieved when people, processes and technologies enter a maturity level of sustained, measurable and continuous improvement. Every Reveal employee shares these core beliefs and is empowered to find the hidden value in your company — and to become principle-centered leaders in their own communities and see the impact when profit and purpose converge.

It is our mission at Reveal to follow the wisdom we so often prescribe: “Use what you have” — your people, your systems, your processes, your passions — and convert these mechanisms into engines of advancement that generate value for business and hope for the world.

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