Business Maturity®

How mature is your value chain?

Leveraging your SAP Investment

Business Maturity®, a concept developed by Reveal, is an organization’s ability to meet and exceed its business goals by leveraging its SAP investment. A supply chain-oriented organization, such as a manufacturer, distributor, wholesaler or asset-intensive company, with a high Business Maturity® rating, has proven its ability to use and leverage SAP’s integrated capability to drive change and ongoing transformation to meet its evolving business goals. An organization with a lower Business Maturity® rating underutilizes its SAP system and struggles to maximize its investment in the system.

There are five levels of the Business Maturity® Continuum.

Business Maturity

Achieving full Business Maturity® takes time, commitment, passion, and leadership. The speed at which an organization is able to achieve Level 5 Maturity depends on its ability to move through the Continuum and to accurately target and measure progress toward business value. To raise its level of Business Maturity®, an organization needs to achieve faster response times to market fluctuations and align its people structures with its system structures. An integrated system equals an integrated organization that can muster the agility required to remain competitive.

Using Reveal’s ongoing VALUE optimization® methodology and through a smart use of people, process and SAP, whether implementing or optimizing an end-to-end supply chain, an organization will be able to increase its Business Maturity® level.

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