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What Is Success, If Not for Connection…

By Martin Rowan August 15, 2018 by Martin Rowan

I am humbled and amazed at how we humans need each other. Yet we still hear how our abilities, our courage, our drive, our “go it alone” attitude will help us achieve our goals and ultimately make us successful. In an increasingly connected world, we seem to be disconnected more now than ever. Yet, human connection is the one thing we all seem to desire the most. Human connection is like a supply chain, where it does not work unless the sum of all the connective elements functions properly. So, we need the sum of our connections to “work” as well. We are seeing more and more significant evidence that we as humans are wired for connection. Connection to our families, friends, our community, our country, our planet and our Maker.

For the past 5 years, I have gone each year on a service/mission trip to the Philippines. Something that began with my daughter (who was 11 years old at the time), challenged our family to connect with a world completely outside of our comfort zone, our time zone and our personal ambitions (which were very materialistic at the time). This year’s mission trip was as remarkable and emotional as it has been the in previous years. When you come face to face with innocent street children, that are bound by their circumstances, with little hope and no dreams, wracked by the fear of what tomorrow holds – it rocks you to your core! You quickly realize that we need each other, to support each other in every circumstance and situation. You look at the children’s dirty faces, with hair in disarray; with cuts, bruises and scabs on their arms and legs. But those eyes…. those dark brown eyes look into your soul- and they don’t beg for your sympathy, or your food (even though they very much need it). As their smiles widen, their eyes light up and you see that all they want to do is to connect with you. These children want to share their world with you and allow you into their joy – in the purest form in the midst of the squalor and filth. That’s when you realize that we are made to connect at our most elemental level: our hearts.

When I look up from the children’s brown eyes and look around to see our mission trip team playing, loving and feeding these small children who are smiling and engaging with us, I realize that we all need it… to connect with one another. We need it as much as we think the kids need it. Connection is how we make sense of the world. It is how we transform what truly matters in this world: each other. I can’t help but believe that at that moment God is smiling as well.

This year, two of Reveal’s leaders joined our team, and I have seen a personal transformation beginning within them. A change that will undoubtedly continue to grow on the inside and out – a change that will meet the needs with those who seek that connection with others. A deep connection that gives us hope, courage and success (as we redefine success). A connection that says, “I see you for who you are”. A connection that helps us make sense of our purpose.

Please check out our webpage from the trip– which gives a great chronological account, pictures, and insights direct from our team in the Philippines! #TransformingWhatMatters

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