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Demand, Integration, and Education

By Udo Bunger August 22, 2018 by Reveal

Damand Integration And SAP EducationERP systems are primarily software components used to optimize business process management. Modern ERP systems comprise real-time data integration between the various modular components which are connected to complete a specific business process.

SAP©’s integration between different modules is not new to us, but we do not communicate the benefits of what we understand about how the various objects within an ERP system interact. We take a lot for granted, and by saying this, we think everyone else understands that their actions in one area of an ERP system influence another area. This is a common failure where individuals can be seen working in silos and are not aware of how their actions affect other areas of their ERP system.

The resultant cause of this can be placed on the quality of the education the individuals may have received as well as a lack of communication from modular experts at the time of implementation of their ERP system.

SAP© is a live system that constantly updates. When a new posting is made within one modular area, it will update in another. A typical example of this is where an order is created in either Plant Maintenance or Production Planning, and the resulting demand is set upon the Material Management module which has to perform well to ensure that materials for maintenance or production are available on time. If the planning for the maintenance or production is out of sync with materials, there is no way that the demand will be satisfied for either the maintenance or production to be completed in time.

An ERP system can be extremely good and will perform extraordinarily for many organizations– but when it is placed in the hands of an uneducated individual it could be rendered useless. Educating your staff on the importance of communication and mindfulness is crucial in getting optimum results out of your investment in your ERP system. See how Reveal’s oVo® Methodology program can help your organization realize the true value of your SAP© implementation.

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