Enterprise Asset Management EAM

Extend Asset Lifecycles & Reduce Costs With EAM

The effective use of SAP Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) includes Plant Maintenance, which enables businesses with the ability to better manage production and the entire asset lifecycle with real-time visibility. Benefits of EAM include lower operational costs, avoidance at best or reduction at worst of unplanned downtime/repair. Additionally, the reduction of equipment failure, increase in asset availability/reliability and extension of asset life without unnecessary costs.

Reveal helps asset intensive organizations reduce maintenance costs by improving utilization of SAP capabilities and functionality. Our approach to optimizing EAM functionality is built on education and change management. This strategy enables improvements in user knowledge, increased data integrity and configuration. Along with aligned processes, established accountability structures and Key Performance Indicators (KPI) reporting based on business objectives.

Utilizing these principles, you will drive the business to operational excellence with scheduled inspections, efficient break/fix repairs processes and sound planning of preventive maintenance. These foundations will also ensure assets are kept in optimal condition to reduce production interruptions and ensure the security and safety for all.

Core objectives of an effective Enterprise Asset Management strategy includes Technical Objects, Functional Locations and Equipment. Maintenance objects are represented by pieces of equipment that are installed in functional locations. The usage times of a piece of equipment at a functional location are documented over the course of time. When these are maintained to their design specifications it ensures maximum availability for utilization by production.

Execute an Effective EAM Strategy

Leveraging SAP’s EAM, Plant Maintenance and Customer Service functionality you can manage the entire asset lifecycle more efficiently by improving asset usage, cutting costs, and limiting capital expenditure. Achieve maintenance operation goals that include:

  • Maintaining the target condition of all assets in accordance to their specification(s)
  • Ensure all technical assets have 100% availability for utilization
  • When performing maintenance, use of various strategies aimed at optimizing the asset availability, minimizing the risk of outages and minimizing maintenance costs
  • Structuring technical assets and making the required information available
  • Planning maintenance tasks and assigning resources
  • Executing and recording tasks performed, and costs incurred
  • Ensuring a secure and safe work environment

Enterprise Asset Management operational excellence, coupled with dynamically connected SAP, realizes the value that assets generate, making it easier to optimize asset usage, shrink costs, lower risks, better manage capital expenditures, and ultimately maximize Return on Assets (ROA).

Benefits of Enterprise Asset Management (EAM)

  • Reduce labor costs by increasing labor efficiency, 20-60% productivity improvement
  • Reduce maintenance materials costs by as much as 30%
  • Reduce Mean Time to Repair (MTTR) while increasing Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF)
  • Reduction in equipment downtime costs by 15%
  • Increased asset availability and uptime
  • Transparency of costs incurred with lower maintenance and production costs
  • Reduced MRO inventory and increased availability
  • Comprehensive planning and monitoring of planned tasks, scheduled to available resources with automation of day-to-day scheduling tasks
  • Maintenance execution aligned to business strategy
  • Improved scheduling and alignment between production and maintenance
  • Management by exception
  • Documentation of maintenance tasks performed
  • Technical history on Technical Objects
  • Increased value from the system you already own
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