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Find out why your ERP solution is letting your customers down!

By Reveal August 22, 2013 by Reveal


rust-oleum Supply ChainLearn strategies used by Senior Executives that we have worked with from Rust-Oleum and Hu-Friedy that will uncover how to scale your business, and reduce operating costs; while improving service levels to your customers!

Most large organizations today have made significant investments putting in world-class systems to manage their business; however, they still struggle to leverage this investment to truly add value to their customers. The net result is ongoing cost increases, more manual intervention, higher inventories and price concessions to “keep” customers. This event will show you how to improve service levels because of your system not in spite of it.

In this content packed event, you will learn:

  • How to better forecast your supply plan to anticipate your customer’s needs to remain pro-active
  • Manage your capacity constraints to develop a competitive service strategy
  • Gain visibility into your supply chain to see where potential service issues may occur to effectively communicate with your customer’s before it is too late.
  • Align your organization with the integrated information within your ERP system to work as a single unit with the ultimate goal of service performance

Company leaders will discuss their personal experience around how they incorporated these business transformation techniques and will provide insight and real-world examples of how they have driven short-term results while building a long-term strategic vision. In addition, you will hear from leading industry experts that have spoken around the globe to thousands of organizations sharing their insightful experience.

All of these topics will be presented with the focus of using the existing systems you have today with no “pitches” of adding new software or more technology.

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