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American Supply Chain Summit-Generis 2019

November 21, 2017 by Kelly Kuhlman

The American Supply Chain Summit 2019 will be located in Dallas, Texas at the Renaissance Dallas Hotel on April 25-26. The Generis American Supply Chain Summit partners with well-known organizations that will provide you with innovative solutions and services to the supply chain industry. At this conference, there will be pre and post-summit marketing, guaranteed one-on-one meetings and an optimized networking experience

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Speaking Engagements

Martin Rowan, Senior Partner at Reveal will be covering the topic of  Is your Organization Mature Enough to Leverage the Digital Supply Chain and the Intelligent Enterprise? 

Key Takeaways:

  • Managing the complexities of digital supply chains, the ERP intelligent enterprise, machine learning, etc.
  • Discussing the future and the present needs to meet the coming changes to your organization
  • How to begin the journey to Business Maturity® measuring your organization’s capability to cope with the technology changes
  • Learning how to create alignment between people, processes and the smart use of technology (such as SAP)
  • Realizing the overall value and benefit to the business when establishing a high level of maturity




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