SAP Supply Chain Executive Seminar

Driving Supply Chain Excellence with Your Existing SAP Investment

February 11, 2021 by Kelly Kuhlman

Is an Agile Supply Chain Even Possible With SAP? This definitive seminar to capture greater value from your existing SAP systems. As an executive in the supply chain and operations side of the business, the question asked is: “What canI do with my current investment of SAP to make my supply chain more agile and create operational excellence?”

To answer this question, join Reveal and other supply chain leaders and executives for this seminar focused on practical steps to establishing an agile supply chain without further investment in more software. This two hour seminar will include insights, change manage techniques and best practices to help leaders prepare their supply chains to think and act differently in the future, enabling faster reactions to a VUCA world.

After learning how Minuteman International quickly pivoted their business when the pandemic impacted their business, we will explore the top 5 steps Executive scan do NOW to begin the journey to increase the maturity in the use of SAP to create business value. ​

Who Should Attend

  • VP/Director of Manufacturing
  • VP/Director of Maintenance
  • VP/Director of Supply Chain/Logistics
  • Supply Chain Leaders

  • Chief Supply Chain Officers
  • VP/Directors of Operations
  • VP/Director Procurement
  • VP/Director Order fulfillment


Interview with CFO (Minuteman International)

Due to Minuteman’s investment in optimizing their business processes and unlocking existing SAP capability they were able to respond within weeks of the pandemic shutting the world down, to pivot and increase production in one group of products and reduce it in others. They were able to leverage their existing SAP system to help determine the requirements due to the demand changes and as an organization they were able to respond quickly, effectively and in unison.

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