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SAP-Centric EAM 2019

November 12, 2017 by Kelly Kuhlman

SAP Supply Chain OptimizationJoin Reveal at SAP-Centric EAM 2019, if you are hungry to learn the latest SAP solutions for effectively managing materials and logistics along with organizations and professionals using SAP to manage materials, inventory, procurement, and logistics.

Pre-Conference Workshop-3/18/19 from 1:00p-5:00p

Speaking Engagement Presented by our SAP Experts at Reveal

“Are you mature enough for S/4? Greenfield or Brownfield-A business discussion on how to make the right investment decision”


Organizations running SAP are thinking about or planning to move to S/4 is the “a constant debate”. The workshop will explore how to establish your business maturity for the digital change, how to adjust and prepare for it and ultimately decide whether Greenfield or Brownfield is best for your organization. You will learn what your organization can do now to prepare for S/4  by optimizing the business processes and begin the journey to be an innovative world-class supply chain. Lastly, we will discuss how to pay for a large portion of the S/4 conversion with hidden savings and value in your existing Supply Chain.

Key Points:

  • Know how to measure the business maturity of the organization for S/4 and future technologies
  • Understand the various options that exist between Greenfield and Brownfield initiatives and the impact they have on the organization
  • Understand what can be done now to better align Demand, MRP and Supply operations to prepare the business for the digital S/4 change while significantly improving product delivery
  • Gain benefit and savings from maximizing the current SAP and business processes to help pay for the S/4 conversion and in doing so prepare the business for S/4

Speaking Engagement Presented by Justin Burnett with BP America



Successfully optimizing the Supply Chain using core SAP, amidst volatile oil prices and achieving significant efficiency gains including savings 12 times the costs”-Justin Burnett- VP PCSM, MM & WH at BP America

Abstract: Find out what drove BP to leverage standard SAP technology to drive global change in its core planning and supply chain processes, how it revamped its organization capability and transformed its supply chain to achieve significant benefits. Find out how BP drove standardization across its global supply chain utilizing one system of record, eliminating silos, reducing volatility and increasing stability. See the amazing results BP achieved such as optimizing 80% of the active materials, reduced past-due elements by 40%, reduced unnecessary inventory spend by $25 million, reduced negative days of supply by 27% and reduced process inefficiency (MRP exceptions) by 41%.

Key Points:

  • Collaborative relationships built on respect and trust in SAP data and ensuring a single source of truth throughout the organization is key for data accuracy and trust
  • Elevating the knowledge of employees frees up time by educating the cross-functional teams to work on exceptions, rather than everything
  • Operations, Maintenance and Supply Chain alignment aligned to maintenance schedules drives improvement with cost reductions across the end-to-end chain
  • Optimization of your current SAP and alignment between Work Management, MRP, and Supply operations significantly improves operational efficiency


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