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SAP Centric Supply Chain 2018

November 12, 2017 by Kelly Kuhlman

SAP Supply Chain OptimizationJoin Reveal at SAP-Centric Supply Chain, if you are hungry to learn the latest SAP solutions for effectively managing materials and logistics along with organizations and professionals using SAP to manage materials, inventory, procurement, and logistics.

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Transform Your Existing SAP-Centric Supply Chain into a World-Class Value Chain!

Monday, March 26th at 1:00p  – Workshop
The current digital wave is an indication of how fast the market can change direction and leave many companies unprepared. Most supply chains are not geared for these changes, and most organizations are finding that huge efforts are required within current supply chain design to cope with the market changes and new market demands. This unique workshop offers proven guidelines to reduce purchasing spend, optimize inventory, increase production capacity, improve supplier performance, reduce lead-times and increase services levels. Learn how to identify practical and tangible value opportunities quickly, with tactical techniques and tools that can ensure ROI within 6-12 months.

Workshop Breakdown:

    1. What it will take to become a world-class supply chain
    2. Preparing and building the cornerstones for an optimized supply chain
    3. Sustaining the results of an organizational governance structure and metrics

Deep Dive: The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Supply Chain Optimization & Preparing for SAP S/4

Wednesday, March 28th at 11:00 am – This Presentation was Ranked #1 last year 3rdAnnual Best Practices for Automotive Conference
What do you do when your supply chain world is turned upside down, like Arthur Dents (Hitchiker Guide to the Galaxy) life? Visualizing your supply chain to make the right decisions that drive value in your organization. World-class supply chains require effective interdependent relationships between people, process, and technology (i.e. SAP) and from suppliers to customers that increase market value and drive down end-to-end costs. Building a competitive edge in the supply chain requires collaboration, decision making and most importantly discipline. Companies that get this right, increase service levels by 15%+ and reduce working capital and operational costs by 20%+. Learn the nine decisions that you need to make after you make the first but most important decision to optimize your supply.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Alignment between demand, MRP, and supply operations will significantly improve product delivery
  2. Effective demand signals that drive sourcing and manufacturing and enable volume adjustments as needed
  3. Operations and logistics alignment with capacity managed and leveled production schedules, and see improvement in cost reductions across the end-to-end chain
  4. Ability to manage mixed loads with on-time / in-full delivery coming into and going out of the organization
  5. Collaborative long-term relationships built on respect and trust in SAP, process and the data
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