Supply Chain Week 2020

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Supply Chain Week 2020

November 12, 2017 by Kelly Kuhlman

Join us along with the largest network of SAP customers, partners and professionals by tuning into Supply Chain Week – A Virtual Experience. This series of virtual content will drive you to tackle the latest challenges and find solutions and strategies designed to help manage the latest impacts caused by COVID-19 on your supply chain.

Fireside Chat – Geoff Scott and Martin Rowan

Why are we surprised that supply chains have been so severely strained by the impact of COVID-19?

Talking points

  • Companies have created the wrong buffers through the supply chain (like lead-times and inventory)
  • Multi-sourcing or network planning has been lacking
  • Agility has not been this highest priority rather cost
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Webcast – Minuteman International, Steve Boebel (CFO)

Minuteman’s innovative journey utilizing SAP to increase supply chain and operational excellence that also allowed them to cope with the current COVID-19 impacts.

Talking points

After years of running SAP, it was time for a strategic change. Not for another ERP but rather a transformation of people, process and a smart use of existing technology.  Minuteman set out to optimize their supply chain, by maximizing MRP while increasing the maturity and education of their business user community along with aligning demand, production planning, and the procurement processes.  Minuteman took a strategic approach to leverage the SAP technology and implement a tactical plan that elevated the global end to end planning process to another level.  This transformation a payback within 12 months and started preparing the business for future migration to SAP S/4HANA.  In addition, not only was there a monetary payback but it allowed Minuteman to deal with the current COVID-19 impact on their business.

 “Minuteman is faring well through this current crisis.  It really helps when you have a firm grip on your supply chain process”

– Steve Boebel (CFO, Minuteman, International)

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