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SCM 2018 and PLM 2018

August 20, 2018 by Kelly Kuhlman

SCM 2018 and PLM 2018 is a one-of-a-kind SCM-focused educational event, bringing together top technologists from SAP, independent consulting firms, and leading global organizations under one roof to help you develop operational efficiency, optimal planning, execution of your supply chain, and will help you bridge the gap to your digital supply chain. Join Reveal at this exciting event  for a dynamic educational and networking experience.


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Speaking Engagements- Presented by our SAP Experts at Reveal:

A Quick Fix Does Not Remedy 10 Years of Bad Decisions: A Multi-Faceted Approach to Get Your Supply Chain Back on Track

Key points:

  • Explore existing supply chain problems like stock-outs of key parts, manual overrides and ordering, inaccurate system data, and external operational reports that drive decision making with aged information
  • Get a 4-prong approach for addressing the challenges in a structured and holistic way using change management as an underlying driver
  • Detail the organizational commitment required to optimize the supply chain from the top down and through the various functional areas of the organization

SAP Integrated Business Planning, S&OP, and forecasts! Proven strategies to Boost Supply Chain Performance by Improving the Demand Signal by 20%’

Key points:

  • Learn how to manage the over- and under-consumption of the sales forecast on a daily basis
  • Become empowered to build an integrated hierarchy of process and business-value KPIs which are guaranteed to drive daily performance improvement
  • Obtain proven strategies to manage complex scenarios associated with forecasting with a non-SAP solution and working outside of S&OP
  • Explore how to leverage techniques to increase intercompany reliability and reduce dependency on safety stock across your extended supply chain

‘Solving the Disconnect Between the Shop Floor and the Supply Chain to Increase Productivity’

Key points:

  • Discover the best practices and SAP functionality that can be used to monitor and improve shop floor productivity, material, and work in progress (WIP) management
  • Learn how to better integrate purchasing into the production plan
  • Understand the standard reports and techniques to enable better schedule attainment
  • Incorporate exception-based management into shop floor management

‘Visibility is everything! Drive Cross-Functional Efficiency With Line of Sight Across the Supply Chain’

Key points:

  • Understand the cross-functional role players who participate in the functional and geographic entities of the organizational design and the different interests these role players have in the same data
  • Gain a clear perspective on how integration breaks down between supply and demand elements across the supply chain and causes for the breakdown — such as late deliveries and poor lead time management
  • Gain insight into SAP analysis tools and reports that provide visibility into the functional breakdown in various business environments, such as planning, purchasing, production, and plant maintenance

Succeed or Fail: Why the Management of Change is a Critical Dimension to Enable Effective Business Process Delivery Across the Supply Chain’

Key points:

  • Implement a top-down change management approach that exceeds the value achieved through silo improvement initiatives or a typical bottom-up approach
  • Make education a priority by setting personal performance objectives and sharing learnings and improvements with team members
  • Identify the organizational, governance, and structural changes required to optimize tangible business value using current supply chain functionality
  • Put KPIs in place that measure progress change

‘Even When It’s Not About Inventory, it is! How to Optimize Inventory and Customer Service Levels at the Same Time

Key points:

  • Assess, define, and measure the supply chain inefficiencies that cause inventory overages and shortages
  • Apply smart ways to utilize existing SAP functionality to increase service levels and optimize inventory
  • Effectively apply change management techniques to align people and processes to meet inventory optimization and service levels
  • Explore the various SAP t-codes and functionality you can use to measure the supply chain inefficiencies and visually track inventory performance

We are Heading Into the Fourth Industrial Revolution — What can Your Supply Chain do NOW with SAP to Prepare for This Change?

Key points:

  • Learn and explore what will change in the digital supply chain in SAP S/4HANA
  • Understand the top 6 things that need to be done now to prepare the business for the new technologies
  • Develop effective demand signals that drive sourcing and manufacturing and enable volume adjustments as needed
  • Align operations and logistics with capacity managed and leveled production schedules
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