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Supply Chain Next Conference

August 26, 2019 by Elizabeth Sutter

Join Reveal at booth #3 and listen to educational presentations at Supply Chain Next Chicago, and enjoy networking with top executives! Supply Chain Next combines supply chain and technology innovators to push towards a digital transformation within an organization’s supply chain. 

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Prep Your Supply Chain for Digital Transformation

On November 11th, Martin Rowan alongside Philippe Reale from Baxter and Carl Accettura from Pharmorz Therapeutics will discuss “Preparing for Supply Chain Transformation: Getting your Data and Technology Houses in Order”

Abstract: Before aiming toward an advanced planning scenario analysis tool, you must set the stage with a centralized repository for master data and inventory. Just as artificial intelligence suffered a “lost decade” when practitioners abandoned it over misguided expectations, so too could blockchain gain an undeserved bad reputation if manufacturers don’t have the underlying support network in place needed for its success.

Key takeaways for this presentation include:

  • Analyze your data architecture requirements
  • Balance data management with the need to maintain
    patient privacy
  • Prepare for the technology gaps between pharma and
    other sectors
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