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Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.
- Henry Ford


One of the most strategic and complex investments companies make is implementing SAP to help them run and scale their businesses. When Reveal implements SAP, we focus on how your organization can use SAP to improve your business, not just install SAP to run your business. We have found most organizations struggle to achieve the return on investment they expected during SAP implementation, often reverting to old processes and methods to manage their operations.

We believe that a good implementation is not only measured by the technical aspects of a working system but by the sustainable ability to meet and exceed business goals and objectives defined after the system is implemented. At Reveal, SAP implementation does not end when the SAP application is installed, the implementation ends when you have reached the objective that drove you to buy SAP, and your team has the skills to use SAP to continually improve your business. We apply these principles and our oVo® methodology to deliver successful implementations, across a wide variety of industries that position the business to sustain their own success through utilizing the delivered system and processes. Our oVo® Methodology helps navigate the challenges that companies typically face by artfully defining a roadmap that clearly shows the business value organizations will achieve along the way.

How to Do It Differently and Succeed

With trusted advisors and SAP specialist, Reveal has decades of experience in implementing value-added SAP solutions. Our belief is that the user community should own the business part of the SAP system and be empowered throughout the implementation to help define the system they will use.

Our competitors want you to run simple on SAP, we want you to run smarter on SAP®. It’s the difference between getting some of the return of your investment and exceeding the return on investment.

When implementing, Reveal follows the assess, transform, and sustain the approach outlined by our proven oVo® Methodology. Our approach delivers important differentiators that drive continued use and success:

  • Implement to allow the business to retain flexibility, agility, and scalability
  • Ensure best practices is introduced into the system processes
  • Remain as close to standard SAP as possible
  • Introduce rule-based and exception management thinking
  • Manage independent thinkers and navigate the “heroes”
  • Facilitate the change and user education process (beyond transactional training)

SAP Solutions, How We Get It Right

First, is the Assess phase where we scope out the requirements and create a high-level solution architecture roadmap that leverages standard SAP solutions to achieve the final objective. Where our approach differs from traditional implementers is that we can define a core baseline of data on systems and processes that are important and relevant to all areas.

Next, is the Transform phase. In this phase, we plan, design, execute, validate and deliver the solution; using a combination of our practitioners and the client’s resources to ensure it functions optimally post-implementation.

Lastly is the Sustain phase. During this phase, Reveal provides ongoing support where it is needed and demanded. Our methodology extends through sustainability to ensure our client’s employees are well educated within the system so they can start optimizing the business based on the techniques they have learned. It is crucial to verify and support that our clients understand SAP® best practices so they can continually drive toward optimized inventories and improved service levels. To ensure our client’s knowledge of SAP, we offer three certification programs that go beyond transactional training. These programs support the users to continually improve their education of SAP®and strive to increase the business value.

Benefits of SAP Implementation Initiative

The success of a solution is measured by its business impact. There is much more to the solution than setting the transactions to work, below you will see the benefits of a Reveal SAP® implementation, both from a business and technical success measure.

Business Success Measures

  • Service level improvements
  • Inventory optimized
  • Cost reduction
  • Increased visibility and tracking
  • Improved management decision-making
  • Increased market flexibility
  • Exception minded organization
  • Utilizing standard analysis and reporting
  • Embedded performance KPIs
  • Organizational change is complete

Technical Success Measures

  • System is live and working
  • Data has migrated error-free
  • User security is in place
  • Design matches business need
  • Solution is documented
  • Users are trained
  • Support is available

Reveal has successfully implemented SAP solutions for many clients, including the following:

Moen Discrete Manufacturing Johnsonville GBT Implementation Daisy WM Implementation


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