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Maintenance Organization Excellence

May 5, 2014 by Reveal

Maintenance Organization Excellence

Reveal’s John Bassi will cover 4 webinar sessions throughout the month of May, regarding the topic of Maintenance Organization Excellence. Each session will begin at 11AM CST every Tuesday in May. The sessions will cover:


1. Using core SAP R3 functionality to gain control of your maintenance planning and execution

Do your maintenance teams know what work is priority? Do you have the right material at the right time to do the job? Do your maintenance teams and procurement teams cooperate? Are you maintenance costs out of control? Do you have visibility of your plan and actual deviations inside SAP? In this session you will learn: how to manage works orders by exception, to proactively determine when work cannot be executed as a result of material shortages, about best practices to integrate materials management (MM) and plant maintenance (PM) activities, and you will acquire insight on how to avoid unsound practices that impede integration, compromise delivery and pile on the costs by narrow-mindedly ensuring plant uptime. Click here to register


2. How to ensure that poor services procurement practices do not negatively impact plant up time

Services Procurement is standard SAP functionality, but are you using it effectively? If you have asked any of the following questions without a clear answer, then this could shed some light on the subject.

– Can you easily monitor the status of services linked to a work order?

– Are you getting the services you need, when you need them?

– Can you monitor completion of planned or unplanned services?

– Are you able to effectively control your services spending?

– Do you procure project or maintenance services using free-text functionality?

– Are you paying suppliers too much, too little or not at all? Click here to register


3. Planner Performance Management inside SAP

Access to planner performance information will give you visibility on how well the plan is met. This session will show how SAP’s PMIS tools and reports can be used to access the data needed for improving the impact of your maintenance teams on the health of your plants. Give your planners and foreman a view of where costs and effort are running high. All the while moving towards improved planning inside SAP. Click here to register


4. Work Order Monitoring & World Class Benchmarking KPIs

This final session in the Plant Maintenance session will combine the use of these tools and reports to build a foundation for measuring your maintenance effort against world class benchmarks.Click here to register

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