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8 Marketing Awards Over 3 Years

April 30, 2019 by Kelly Kuhlman

Reveal and has won a total of 8 branding awards over the past 3 years

It has been 3 years since Reveal rebranded, thanks to the help of Paul Gregory Media (PGM), the brand has won eight awards. In 2015 Q Data USA, ExeprtIG and Reveal merged into one firm and rebranded under the new Reveal brand.  In that time PGM worked with Reveal to help tell our story, and bring to life the “why” we do what we do, and “how” we do it. The purpose and focus Reveal wanted to represent through our brand was to put an emphasis on supply chain but to also show the company’s true passion which is giving back to the community. Reveal has a strong desire to use its expertise in optimizing end-to-end supply chains not just for commercial benefit but for benevolent benefit as well.  Many underprivileged areas are affected by limited resources not being able to get to where they need to go. Giving a very important component to include in our brand identity, as a matter of fact, the very core of our business is built on giving back, as we donate our time and a portion of our proceeds to non-profit initiatives whose efforts resonate with our own: helping the disadvantaged children of the world receive food, water, education, shelter, and solace.

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When Reveal was asked by PGM “If Reveal were a person, he/she would be” and in came our brand personality. With the help of Reveal’s leadership team and employees, our brand personality was defined as authentic, precise, direct, passionate, bold and fun. At Reveal, we put a strong emphasis on not just having “another day at the office”, but to be fresh and passionate about what you do at Reveal. When re-creating our company logo, we wanted to make sure it touched on all aspects of our company, the transformation of supply chains and the transformation of lives we help when giving back. The image in our full logo (the logo mark) captures our core message of changing lives and transforming what matters – a person in motion, changing into a state of ongoing transformation to be a better self.

It is our mission at Reveal to follow the wisdom we so often prescribe: “Use what you have” — your people, your systems, your processes, your passions — and convert these mechanisms into engines of advancement that generate value for business and hope for the world. Its purpose is our purpose. Together, with our partners, people, and technologies, we help companies deliver their right products, at the right place at the right time.

The Creative Marketing Awards PGM and Reveal won include:

Summit Creative Award for Rebranding – The Summit Creative Award honors the best web, design, video, advertising, interactive, mobile & social marketing from creative agencies worldwide.

Muse Creative Award for Brand Identity – The Muse Creative Award is an international competition for creative professionals who possess the unique ability to inspire with a concept, idea or design.

Communicator Award for Business Card Design –  The Communicator Awards are the leading international awards that recognize big ideas in marketing and communications.

Communicator Award for Brand Story

Communicator Award: Identity System

Marcom Award for Rebranding – The Marcom Awards competition is an AMCP awards program that honors excellence in marketing and communications.

Hermes Gold Award for Brand Story – The Hermes Awards honors the messengers and the creators of traditional and emerging media.

Hermes Platinum Award for Brand Identity



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