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Campbell’s Client Highlight Day

April 24, 2019 by Kelly Kuhlman

Giving Back to our Client Campbell’s Soup Company

On March 1, we gave back to one of our clients, Campbell’s by enjoying delicious Campbell’s Soup and crackers during one of our B2B sessions. If you are unsure what exactly a client highlight day is, Reveal dedicates one day out of the month to give back to a client of ours. We pride ourselves on our clients and can’t thank them enough for all they do for us, making this a memorable day for all of us employees, as well as our clients.

In 2015, Campbell’s became a client of ours and took part in our oVo­® Wellness Assessment. When Campbell’s realized how many challenges they were faced with within their supply chain they decided to have us conduct an oVo® Transformation. What an amazing opportunity that was and to work with such an excellent client like Campbell’s. Some challenges Campbell’s faced was not understanding MRP and its support of purchasing automation, excessive order expediting, frustrated users and excessive manual processes and more. We were pleased that the benefits from the oVo® transformation resulted in inventory reduction of over 39%, inventory turns improvements of 38%, reduced exception messages by 95% and more! To read the entire Campbell’s Case Study please visit

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All of the Reveal employees had a great time sitting back and enjoying the delicious taste of Campbell’s soup whether it was their traditional chicken noodle or their fantastic vegetarian soup everybody was satisfied. We loved having the opportunity to give back to one of our clients, and we are excited to participate in the next #clienthighlightday



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