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Reveal Helps by Donating Money to Build a New School in the Philippines 

July 30, 2019 by Kelly Kuhlman

A New School Will Be Built in the Philippines and Will Impact Many Children

In January 2019, after wrapping up Reveals 2018 Fiscal year we donated a significant portion of our “Give Back” commitments to building the new school in the Philippines.  This is a key strategy in breaking the cycle of poverty in the Philippines.  The vision of Face the Children (a Frontline Ministry program) is to give abandoned or abused children an opportunity for a life of dignity, love, education, and opportunity. Many children live on the streets (estimated at 1.5 million) because they have been abused, abandoned or dangerously neglected. At FTC the approach to the problem is through a process of simple but intentional stages. Some children need more time and mentoring than others who quickly move in and through the process. This “process” is implemented in three main stages.

  • Stage One: Identify the need / Develop Relationships / Set expectations
  • Stage Two: Integration and Initial Development
  • Stage Three: Complete Education

The last stage is where the school fits in.  FTC (and Reveal) believe that education can transform lives. Many of the children we serve have never received any formal education or were severely undereducated prior to coming into their program. Many have not had access to education because of poverty and the inability to pay school fees, or even proximity to schools, disabilities, or because they are living on the streets. The school, however, has outgrown itself and required a larger premise to be able to cater for the current children but also allow for future growth.

In a recent service trip to the Philippines and FTC, a few Reveal colleagues (Martin Rowan, Sandi Rubin, and Dave Morin) were able to see the latest building site and the beginnings of the new school.  Education is key to changing lives (commercially and personally) and Reveal is proud to be supporting such a great cause

Martin and Heila by new school          New School in the Philippines           Group Looking at School

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