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Making a Difference…

By Martin Rowan July 11, 2017 by

Reveal is powered by purpose. Uncovering the potential of the supply chain is what we do. Improving lives is why we do it. Every Reveal employee shares these core beliefs and is empowered to become principle-centered leaders in our community and beyond. A portion of our profits goes to helping children in need receive the supplies they so often lack — food, water, shelter, education, and solace. In addition to gifting a portion of our profits, we also provide and offer every employee paid time off to “Give-Back”. This time aligns with our company’s purpose, it helps our mission of serving communities, and it grounds us and makes us appreciate everything we have.

My family and I leave for the Philippines in the coming days and are extremely excited and humbled to see how we can touch others and specifically help the thousands of street children that have been abandoned, abused or dangerously neglected. This is our time to give back, our time to reflect, and our time to grow as a family and serve others. Hopefully, through this, we are able to help mend broken lives and support the people that make a difference every day through education and providing an opportunity to those in need.

This leads me to the picture shown above– a great reminder why we do what we do. It is a hand-painted portrait hanging in my office of one of those street children, painted by a previously neglected and abandoned street child. His story goes like this… he grew up on the streets scrimping and scraping for food, sniffing glue to deal with the hunger pangs at night and ultimately abandoned by his parents. He was found and taken in by Frontline Ministries. This group nurtured him back to health, provided clothing, food, shelter, and opportunity. They also sponsored him to attend school.  After graduating high school, he went on to college. Since graduating from college he has returned to the school that gave him his base education as its Arts Director. Today, not only does he give back to those that helped him, he is making a difference by paying it forward to those that need it most.

Now this is an example of truly giving back.

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