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oVo Lighthouse™ 2019 Updates

May 14, 2019 by Kelly Kuhlman

By Rutul Thakkar

Welcome to the first oVo Lighthouse™ newsletter of 2019. We aim to provide you, the product user, with product-relevant updates and information to engage the oVo Lighthouse™ community. 2018 was an exciting year as we completed major upgrades to the product and 2019 has more upgrades planned. Please let us know if you wish to see anything else included in this newsletter or if you wish to contribute by way of a case study.

About oVo Lighthouse™

Reveal has developed oVo Lighthouse™, an innovative supply chain analytics software tool that is built on the SAP Cloud Platform. A crucial component of the Reveal oVo® methodology program, oVo Lighthouse™ completes Reveal’s overall extended supply chain solution by providing insight and visibility into your supply chain. This tool also identifies critical areas

Latest Updates

We had a strong finish in 2018, but still had areas where we fell short of the goals. We opened the 2019 year to continue to bring those goals to completion. In the first few months of 2019, we have fully integrated the new Action Tracker system with newly developed oVo Lighthouse™ Action Tracker dashboard. The dashboard provides statistics for actions based on their priority, state, and value opportunity. It also lists out the actions with highest priority and actions that are strategic.
We have continued our work toward upgrading existing oVo Lighthouse™ clients to the latest version. We are actively engaged in the conversation with SE Mills, Huntsman, and CIT to upgrade them to latest release of oVo Lighthouse™ that provides better functionality and additional measures.

We also have made a number of UX/UI updates to executive dashboards. We have updated the charts used in all the applications to improve interpretation of the data. The new functionality is added to enable users to look at multiple measures in single chart.

Future Updates

What can you expect to see in the future?

We will continue to enhance the user experience by adding new functionality to executive dashboards based on the feedback received. We will also be looking to confirm the next set of KPI offerings and start the development process. Most importantly though, we would be looking to optimize existing oVo Lighthouse™ code base for HANA systems.

Get Involved

Do you have an idea for new measure? Do you want to add more functionality to executive dashboard? We encourage you to use oVo Lighthouse™ and provide your valuable feedback in improving it. Make oVo Lighthouse™ a talking point with clients and help us spread the news. Any involvement is appreciated!

Still on Topsheet?

… It’s time to switch to oVo Lighthouse™

Is your client you still on oVo Topsheet®? Haven’t made the switch to oVo Lighthouse™? Take note: Support for oVo Topsheet® ended in December 2018 and all oVo Topsheet® installations are required to be uninstalled. If we have not already spoken to your client, please contact us to start the discussion on the upgrade to oVo Lighthouse™.

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