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Reveal’s 2018 Webinar Series

Is it SAP… Or is it me? Top 10 Smart Business Things you do Before Beginning the Journey to SAP S/4HANA and the Digital Supply Chain As part of our ongoing commitment to providing pertinent supply chain industry education, Reveal experts present regular webinars on a range of SAP-centric supply chain management topics to help you…

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Reveal Gives Back Target Hunger TX

Reveal Volunteers at Target Hunger in Houston Texas

Target Hunger’s mission is to alleviate hunger and its root causes in the Houston neighborhoods they serve. As a community-based nonprofit, Target Hunger depends upon the support and input of the community for their success.  A vital aspect of that support is volunteerism.  Each year, Target Hunger welcomes hundreds of volunteers who donate their time and services to help individuals…

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Supply Chain Optimization

Your SAP system has what it takes. Are You Using It?

Reveal is proud to announce that they will be presenting at the upcoming SAPinsider SCM Optimization Bootcamp in Chicago, December 4-6. Join us for this exclusive three day event showcasing a full agenda of can’t-miss sessions that offer expert advice on how to minimize inventory levels, improve service performance, and reduce stock-outs with your existing…

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SAP integration

How do I prepare my Supply Chain for SAP S/4 HANA?

By: Martin Roman How do I Prepare my Organization for SAP S/4 HANA? I recently spoke at a conference about the Hitchhikers Guide to Supply Chain optimization and preparing for the imminent SAP S/4 HANA wave.  For those of you not familiar with the “Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy” book or movie, the main character, Arthur…

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Corporate GiveBack

Making a Difference…

Reveal is powered by purpose. Uncovering the potential of the supply chain is what we do. Improving lives is why we do it. Every Reveal employee shares these core beliefs and is empowered to become principle-centered leaders in our community and beyond. A portion of our profits goes to helping children in need receive the…

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Americas Got Talent

Platform for Change

SAP a Platform for Exposure We have all seen versions of this show, whether it is America’s got Talent, Britain’s got Talent, Asia’s got Talent or another version of a talent show. We have all been entertained by the extraordinarily wide range of “talents” that people possess.  An example that still stands out to me…

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RCCP and Capacity Planning

My Technology Free Vacation Experiment

For the past 10 years, I have been completely accessible during my vacations.  Not only have I been accessible, I have only taken 4-5 day vacations (Thurs-Mon).  In essence, a long weekend.  My theory being, if I only take a few days off and if I can get some work done during the week, I won’t be…

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Inventory Management

You did what!? Best practices to align human behavior with business rules

MRP, Master Data, and Exception Management Last week I presented the Reveal April 2017 online seminar with the same title as this blog. It followed the theme from my previous blog “Surviving Supply Chain Optimization – Intelligent Demand Segmentation is a key dynamic”. I say that because both subjects aim to drive home the point…

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Supply Chain Visibility

10 Best Practices to Gain Supply Chain Visibility

Extended Supply Chains have the following characteristics: Multiple geographies – Where do your customers and partners reside? Multiple languages and currencies Multiple systems – SAP, EDI, Website, portals, … Multiple partners – Carriers, freight forwarders, suppliers, manufacturers, distributors Varying regulations and compliance requirements – What’s needed to ensure we conduct business legally across the globe?…

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