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Reveal Launches Mobile Capabilities for Key Supply Chain KPI’s

January 6, 2012 by

When used correctly, Key Performance Indicators, or KPI’s, make an organization adaptive and agile through actionable, real time information.

Reveal projects introduce very specific Supply Chain KPI’s to organizations through ongoing VALUE optimization® (oVo™) initiatives in order to drive actionable behavior changes in the supply chain. The oVo™ TopSheet is a summary of these select Reveal Supply Chain KPI’s drawn directly from standard SAP® transactions and reports. Through a mobile solution powered by ExpertIG, the oVo™ TopSheet is now automatically available to display standard SAP® data on a mobile device, such as an iPad, iPhone and other platforms, in a fast and secure way. As mobile enterprise solutions becomes more common in organizations, Supply Chain Managers will further benefit from the mobilized functionality of oVo™ TopSheet with the added ability to visualize, analyze, and better communicate supply chain analytics.

“Setting targets and helping organizations’ drive towards optimizing their supply chain performance, is what Reveal is all about. Using our oVo™ TopSheet to quickly understand whether the organization is trending in the right direction and whether business behavior is aligned with the rules set in the system is a key success factor for Reveal and our clients. We are excited to release our first mobile version of the oVo™ TopSheet powered by expertIG. This will allow Executives and Managers to make instantaneous changes as a result of the relevant and actionable information made available at their fingertips. – Martin Rowan, Reveal

“The Reveal oVo ™ TopSheet analytics combined with the smart use of SAP® mobile technologies is the right choice for supply chain managers who want to bring their supply chain visibility to the next level. We’re excited about this new mobile solution and the benefit that it will have for Reveal customers. ” – Jim Cameron, expertIG

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