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Come Join Reveal for the 2019 Best Practices for Automotive Conference

August 5, 2019 by Kelly Kuhlman
Best Practices for Automotive

Join North America’s Leading Conference for SAP Automotive

The Best Practices for Automotive conference is for industry professionals to gain insights into digital technology trends and the latest solutions from SAP. Located in Detriot, MI on October 7-8th, you’ll take away educational information from leading companies and get to listen to keynote speakers, interactive sessions!

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Reveal will be speaking at this event on October 8th at 1:40 pm on the topic of “ “It is going cost how much!?  Learn how to build a self-funded S/4 HANA transformation initiative”.

Key Takeaways Benefits for the Speaking Engagement Include:

  • Discuss an approach that challenges the traditional implementation thinking, that builds business confidence and establishes a self-funded S/4 HANA transformation  
  • Evaluate the pitfalls of the traditional approach and what organizations can do now to ensure they are able to leverage the new technology (and not fall into implementing S/4 to look like ECC or continue having their organization run in Excel 
  • Learn how to reestablish CEO confidence in the adoption of the new technology and the ability for it to be a true competitive advantage  
  • Operations and Supply Chain Planning typically are an afterthought with new implementations; learn how to ensure that planning is at the core of a successful business nervous system 
  • Understand how collaborative long-term relationships built on respect and trust turn data into Information and information into insight by ensuring a single source of truth throughout the organization 

Reveal has helped a leading SAP automotive company, Borgwarner reduce inventory by 24%, reduce dead stock by 28%, and increased stock turns by 16%. To read more about their success click here!

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