Reveal Values

Our 10 Principles


Make Things Happen

Personal Discipline

The ability to be proactive, developing healthy new habits and personal discipline.

Achieve Personal Significance

Accurate Self-image

An accurate self-image based on increasing self-awareness, and an understanding of your strengths, weaknesses, blind-spots, passions, experiences and gifts.

X Out the Negatives

Positive Attitude

A positive attitude that gives us proper perspectives on the situations we face, allows us to believe the best about the people in our lives, and the ability to deal with fears, problems, and other difficulties in a healthy way.


Internalize Right Principles


The ability to consistently live a principle-centered life at home, work, and in the community.

March to a Mission

Mission and Purpose

A clear sense of personal mission and purpose in your life.


Integrate All of Life

Integrated Life

Balance in your personal priorities, attitudes, and goals that lead to a more whole, healthy, and productive life.

Zero in on Caring for People


A genuine concern for others and the ability to effectively listen, confront, empathize, and coach others.

Energize Internally

Personal Transformation

The ability and commitment to continuously invest in your own personal and character development.

Realign Rigorously


The ability to handle change and make necessary mid-course corrections.

Stay the Course


The ability to stay focused on priorities and not give up during difficult times, or the ability to stand against all that the world may raise up against you.

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