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A supply chain requires insight and visibility into critical factors and key performance indicators (KPIs) to monitor performance, identify improvement opportunities, and measure business value. Reveal has developed oVo Lighthouse™, a SAP Certified innovative supply chain analytics solution that provides easy access and visibility to key supply chain metrics. A crucial component of the Reveal oVo® Methodology program, oVo Lighthouse™ compliments Reveal’s supply chain optimization solution. oVo Lighthouse™ provides comprehensive and consistent sets of KPIs and data to measure supply chain health and inventory performance across the enterprise with the ability to easily drill down to the individual contributor level. The Reveal oVo® Methodology strives to simplify the basic measures that change behavior, set direction and keep everyone focused on the primary goal of continuously optimizing the supply chain. It encourages teamwork, creates a common vision, and most importantly, empowers the organization to make the changes required in real time to improve the supply chain. The solution provides actionable information that allows the organization to be adaptive and meet ever-changing customer needs.


• Ability to visualize key performance areas in your supply chain by monitoring individual performance
• Executive dashboard for all KPIs
• Access to comprehensive data analytics for the extended supply chain
• Functions across desktop, tablet and laptop
• Delivered as SaaS with low cost of ownership
• Pre-developed KPIs to measure supply chain performance

KPI Metrics

Measure The Performance of Your Supply Chain in Steps

Supply Chain Health metrics are used to gauge the health of the supply chain. An increase in any one
of the measures may indicate that attention is required to resolve an issue. Health measures include the number of:
• Materials
• Redlights
• Exceptions
• Overdue – Supply
• Overdue – Demand

Customer Performance metrics show how well an organization is meeting its delivery commitment to customers through:
• On-Time Performance
• Quantity Fulfillment
• On-Time In Full Performance

Supply Chain Performance metrics show inventory performance and trends. Performance measures include:
• Current Stock Value
• Average Stock Value
• Dead Stock Value
• Slow Moving Value
• Average Consumption Value

Production Schedule Attainment metrics show how the operation is meeting production commitments:
• Schedule Attainment (compare plan vs schedule vs actual)
• Orders without Planned Orders
• Orders Completed without Confirmation

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