Introducing oVo Lighthouse™

Data-Informed Decision-Making for the Modern Supply Chain

Powered by SAP HANA

Reveal has developed oVo Lighthouse™, an innovative supply chain analytics solution that runs on the SAP HANA Cloud Platform. A crucial component of the Reveal oVo® optimization program, oVo Lighthouse™ completes Reveal’s overall extended supply chain solution by providing insight and visibility into companies’ supply chains and by identifying critical factors to improve their performance.

Embedded in the product is the ability for your teams to create a private social supply chain network that facilitates target-setting, goal management, messaging and collaboration. The oVo Lighthouse™ social supply chain and data-informed decision-making combine to drive positive change in the way your team communicates and uses data to make decisions.

The oVo Lighthouse™ app installs quickly with minimal impact on your existing infrastructure. Powered by the SAP HANA in-memory database, offering a responsive user experience, and built on SAP’s open UI5 technology, its Big Data processing capabilities give the user complete flexibility across desktop, tablet and mobile devices for intuitive, anytime access to your supply chain health.

oVo Lighthouse™ provides the following benefits:

  • Leverage the speed of SAP HANA
  • Access comprehensive data analytics for the extended supply chain
  • Set performance targets across multiple measures and track performance for different organizational levels
  • Create a social supply chain network that allows users to communicate and collaborate across teams
  • Move from monitoring individual performance indicators to visualizing key performance areas in your supply chain
  • Work across all devices: desktop, tablet and phone

Learn how to maximize your SAP investment with Reveal. We optimize supply chains using our proven methodology. Discover how your company can benefit from our assessing your supply chain and transforming it through an oVo® optimization program.

Reveal transforms SAP-centric supply chain-driven businesses. Our focus is to challenge the traditional thinking of the modern supply chain to ensure sustainable and successful organizations. We change the way people think and operate by revealing the hidden value in existing processes and deploying the smart use of technology. We combine wisdom, business smarts, technical expertise and artful precision to uncover exciting opportunities through our proprietary ongoing VALUE optimization®® (oVo®) methodology. Our approach is to assess the opportunity and then to transform the people, processes and technologies that ensure a sustainable organization.

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