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oVo® Methodology: The Assess Phase

Our inventory levels are too high”    “We are stocking out”   “I don’t trust the data” “We can’t promise a ship date to our customers”    “We don’t understand how to use SAP”
All symptoms we hear when talking with clients that want to improve the performance of their supply chains and achieve tangible and measurable business value from their SAP ERP investment. The first stage in the oVo® methodology is the Assess phase. This phase is designed to help organizations understand “what they don’t know” to better formulate a starting point to address these types of symptoms, reveal their root causes and begin the focus on improving internal processes, educating users and optimizing the use of SAP to achieve value targets.

Wellness Assessment

A data-centric analysis of your entire end-to-end supply chain and how it relates to best practices. The objective of the Wellness Assessment is to show organizations where to find tangible and measurable business value from their SAP investment, benchmark the organization’s Business Maturity®, and present the findings and opportunity for improvement to the executive team. This assessment is typically conducted in one week, on-site where Reveal interrogates the information in the client’s SAP system using standard SAP tools and reports and little to no interviews to retain objectivity to the findings and recommendations.

Focused Assessments

A deep-dive assessment or review of certain SAP functions/business processes or areas of concern. The focus areas can be either functional (SAP Warehouse Management, SAP Event Management, Global Batch Traceability) or process specific (Finance, Demand Planning, Month End Close, Stock Transport Orders). The objective of this assessment is to provide a full analysis of the opportunity including findings, workshop notes, and remedies to the particular challenges.

Scope Assessments

An assessment for organizations that are considering a greenfield SAP implementation or implementing certain SAP functionality. Reveal’s team uses the Assess phase to develop a scoping blueprint to achieve an understanding of the roadmap, effort, and timelines for the realization of the project. Utilizing interactive workshops, business process analysis, subject matter expertise interaction and SAP best practices, we construct a project blueprint that lays a foundation to implement the functionality and business processes successfully.

In all cases, ongoing feedback sessions occur to ensure alignment between the findings, system design, and business expectations. Each assessment focuses on the findings and recommendations, system and process improvement opportunities but more importantly, it builds a roadmap to help organizations mature in the smart use of SAP to achieve tangible business results.

Benefits of the Assess Phase

  • The organization’s Business Maturity® rating
  • Findings and recommendations that impact people, process and SAP technology
  • Financial / value improvement opportunities
  • A prioritized Roadmap that ensures productivity and business value in a sustainable fashion
  • Uncovering hidden opportunities in SAP functionality and best practices
  • Analysis of root causes to the symptoms being experienced
  • Solutions within standard SAP processes and functionality
  • Leverages information in the system and the impact on the integrated environment

Next Phase of the Reveal Methodology: Transform Conduct a Self-Assessment

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