To make a thorough or dramatic change in the form, appearance, or character of.

oVo® Methodology: The Transform Phase

Reveal transforms SAP-centric organizations through their oVo® optimization initiative. As part of our oVo® methodology, Reveal’s transformation process is a comprehensive and holistic approach to helping supply chain-driven companies realize sustainable financial, operational and service level benefits. By leveraging SAP capabilities, implementing best practices, changing behaviors through education and reinforcement and setting targets are cornerstones of helping companies achieve a high degree of Business Maturity®with inherent sustainability.

The transformation process is focused on ongoing value identification, applying business rules to meet the business goals and leaving users with a true end-to-end understanding and enhanced user experience. While driving these elements, the process typically will follow the following phases:


Benefits of the Transform Phase:

  • Improve Service Levels
  • Increase Process Efficiency
  • Reduce Operation Cost
  • Improve Service Levels and Reduce Lead Times
  • Increase Capacity Throughput
  • Increase Data Accuracy and User Confidence
  • Improve Management Control and Decision-making
  • Increase Visibility Across the Whole Supply Chain

Next Phase of the Reveal Methodology: Sustain

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