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Global Process Aligned Team Organization

By Sandra Rubin August 2, 2018 by Sandra

How many times has it been announced that your company is going to partake in a new “global” project during the fiscal year – after the budget has already been set, after personal and department goals have been established and communicated, and resource plans have been completed and approved? I can assure you, the answer is a common one – all the time. So, what would make the next time different and set the stage for success?

The solution: structure, governance and commitment from all levels within the organization are the key criteria for success.

“Let’s have a kick-off bring everyone together to discuss the project goals and success criteria, then we will check back in” is not the formula for success. However, creating a hierarchy for support and escalation, with the governance and cadence formally in place will deliver the expected change. It is recommended to introduce the notion of Process Aligned Teams (PAT) into the daily, weekly and monthly Supply Chain Management process

The key objectives of Process Aligned Team Structures are to:
1. Drive and Ensure integration across the end-to-end Supply Chain
2. Enhance performance and process improvement
3. Establish ownership and accountability
4. Drive true automation using system capabilities
5. Drive immediate & sustainable resolution of exceptions
6. Ensure a process of ongoing change and improvement

In this regard PAT will:
1. Manage the Information to
2. Drive behavior change and
3. Measure ongoing value that
4. Ensures an Exception Minded Culture focused
5. On delivering value through Business Maturity

A standard agenda is pictured below to assist in managing the change. It also provides clarity on expectations for all involved within the organization’s PAT:Organizations PAT

As positive as change can be, it can be a daunting task. Without the governance and cadence within the organization to support it, it’s easy to see why many organizations stick to unsustainable, outdated work practices. The Reveal team and our methodology continue to be successful because we are there to directly support your organizational needs to create a positive change within. With the change, comes innovation. With innovation comes success. See why Reveal is top-ranked in the industry for our Supply Chain solutions.

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