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Marketing in the Recruiting World!

By Doreen Needham & Mark Sheetz February 7, 2018 by Reveal

SAP Business ConsultantsRecruiting today has become more of a marketing job for us at Reveal because we hire such a unique skill set that old recruiting techniques are just not relevant anymore. We are constantly seeking ways to reach the passive candidates with the perfect technical skills, business background, consulting experience, and most importantly finding someone who fits within our culture. Where job boards and cold-calling have worked in the past, we rely more heavily on trying to reach the candidates that have this unique skill set by marketing our culture and brand directly to them, which is easier said than done.

Most of our time is spent sourcing, scheduling, interviewing, checking references and on-boarding, which leaves us with little time to spend on the marketing aspect of recruiting. We have found that marketing is the most effective way to get the word out to the right people regarding our brand and positions. Luckily, there are websites like LinkedIn, Glassdoor and Indeed to help promote our job opportunities and culture, but we still need to target that specific type of skillset. In addition, we build lists of potential candidates, send out monthly marketing campaigns regarding our open positions and provide information that is of interest to someone in their industry, which takes creativity, money and most of all time away from other aspects of our job.

At Reveal we have realized the days of the technical job descriptions that spoke little to our culture is the way of the past. We evaluated our website and the only mention of what it was like to work here at Reveal was the very last tab on the website. We realized our social media, website, and marketing materials were sales focused rather than recruiting and this was not beneficial to us as recruiters.

The reasons most people and our current employees enjoy working at Reveal is our culture, which includes a strong focus on giving back to charities and our unique approach to transforming our client’s SAP-centric supply chains. We realized we needed to let the market know how unique we really are. So, we hired several Marketing employees and partnered with a Marketing Branding Company to help cultivate our ideas of focusing on who we are as a company and our culture, to then push our message out through different avenues.

We offer our employees a great experience while at Reveal including Friday cook-outs, give-back time off to help others in their community, baseball games, etc., but we also want them to make a difference with Reveal as well as with our customers. Through research, we learned the #1 reason people praise companies as the best place to work is because of the social part of the culture and honestly, this is one of the top benefits of working at Reveal. Through all of our efforts we are finally doing a better job as recruiters in driving our message out to others.

Recruiting is not just an arm for sales anymore, but it is now part of the marketing team. In today’s world, recruiters need to be more creative than ever. This includes possessing strong social media, content, creativity as well as the ability to think “outside the box” in order to figure out how to find, attract and recruit future employees. The good thing about recruiting today is that our marketing and social media skills are improving daily!

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