COVID-19 Relief Webinars

We are volunteering our supply chain and SAP expertise to answer questions and provide advice on
how best to tackle the short-term struggles caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Supply Chain Real-Time Relief

COVID-19 Relief Webinars


Inventory Management in Uncertain Times – Listen Now
What is the right amount of inventory to hold in a supply chain affected by COVID-19?

Demand fluctuations, operational disruptions, social distancing and suppliers unable to ship. These are just a few of the disruptions caused by COVID 19… we will explore several simple strategies that can be utilized in SAP and in short order to help us weather this storm.

Warehouse Management Crisis Playbook – Listen Now
What can be done to minimize supply chain disruption in a warehouse?

Businesses go through many fluctuations and crises that effects all world supply chains and can cripple warehouse’s material flow both inbound and out. Fortunately, there are many strategies and standard tools to help mitigate these short-term disruptions and risks to customers.

Proactive Production Planning During a CrisisListen Now
How can we adjust our production planning and scheduling to meet the changing needs of the crisis?

Guidelines that your organization can follow to ensure you are getting back on your feet while managing customer expectations. This is not a place anyone wishes to be, but unfortunately the grand majority of us have just been thrust into what amounts to a national disaster.

Demand Management, Crisis ManagementListen Now
Steady at the Helm: Weathering Changes in Demand in the Times of COVID-19

In this time of crisis, there is no business as usual. We’re all struggling to get a handle on our demand, realign our plans and drive the right actions throughout our supply chain. We will explore several simple strategies that can be utilized in short order to help the supply chain.

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