Relief to Support
Supply Chain Issues

Pro-Bono Assistance for Urgent Supply Chain Issues

Reveal USA, a leading global supply chain optimization firm, is volunteering its supply chain and SAP-centric expertise to answer questions and provide advice on how best to tackle the short-term struggles caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. In these challenging times supply chains are being stretched and strained due to the impacts of the virus. Reveal is volunteering their team of supply chain expertise and SAP skills to help domestic and global businesses in need get back on their feet and meet the challenging demands through the smart use of SAP.

Companies struggling to maintain operations, deal with demand swings, overcome raw material supply shortages, manage shipping delays, plan for social/workforce distancing, etc. are encouraged to bring their questions to Reveal advisors directly at relief@revealvalue.com for immediate review.

Relief Assistance

Demand Volatility

Utilizing our Relief Program we were able to help a leading provider of staple food items who found themselves with enormous surge in demand as people seek to stock their pantry with comfort foods. While this food manufacturer was experiencing weeks’ worth of demand in a single day, we were able to help them by providing information on product allocation options, troubleshooting bottlenecks and address quick win opportunities through order management, master data levers, and the connections to material planning, production scheduling and operations.

Exception Increases

A leading global manufacturer of solar panels was challenged with trying to pinpoint the root causes of supply and demand exceptions caused by rapidly changing market conditions. Working with their planning team, Reveal was able to identify processes to address the exceptions, leverage SAP standard reports and provided documentation to assist in their efforts to make mass updates expediently.

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