S/4HANA Migration

Migrating Your Business to SAP S/4HANA

If you are thinking about your journey to S/4HANA as only a technical conversion, there’s good news. Migrating to S/4HANA has far more to offer than the technical conversion of your existing transactional needs, whether in ECC or another solution.

S/4HANA offers the opportunity for true digital transformation.  Digital transformation is moving beyond simply transacting in a system to optimal use of real-time, relevant business information. Digital transformation delivers transformative intelligence, analytics, KPI’s and action-oriented insights to every team member, stakeholder and partner.  Powered by HANA, SAP’s S/4 solution offers a synergistic digital core that converts massive pools of data into relevant streams of information, analyzes it, generates insights and then adapts those insights more quickly, accurately and specifically than was previously possible.  The result is more informed decision-making at all levels of the organization, tighter coordination of activities between planning and operations, and more predictive and proactive response to overall customer needs.  All of this speaks to agility, and agility leads to growth of team members, organizational intelligence, and the ability to service customers in a way that inspires loyalty.


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The migration to S/4HANA is far more than a technical effort. To drive value from this effort and to ensure that all teams’ acceptance is deep and broad, the move to S/4HANA requires a functional migration as well. We have to take a serious look at the state of our data: transactional data should be clean and up to date, while master data needs to be reflective of business processes. Business users need enough education to have a strong understanding of system capabilities and can think critically and drive decisions based on business conditions and analytics. Support and accountability structures that embrace the digital transformation need to be established and choose KPI’s that will reflect relevant information for performance evaluation of each process or activity stream.

Reveal provides the technical expertise coupled with deep operational expertise to provide the (very) necessary education, change management and best practices guidance to ensure that migrations to S/4HANA include the necessary focus on people, process and the smart use of SAP. Through our oVo® methodology, our comprehensive and holistic approach helps supply chain driven organizations realize sustainable financial, operational and service level gains by making strong use of the organizations’ investment in SAP’s capabilities.

Steps to Take Before Migrating to S/4HANA

Before embarking on this journey, here are a few critical questions to consider:

  • How is the overall knowledge of SAP? Do your team members today have a good understanding of how to put SAP to use to their best advantage? Do you have customizations that need to be thought through before making the leap to a system with ever evolving and expanding capabilities?
  • How’s the overall state of readiness? Are you feeling confident in the benefits of making this change? Do you have the tools, structure and support necessary to keep everyone moving forward together?
  • What is living outside of your current ERP environment? Does this change any of the use cases for existing 3rd party tools? Is there a clear path forward? What about those spreadsheets? Do you know what’s coming in S/4HANA so that you can bring that spreadsheet work into SAP and ensure one system of record?
  • What is the state of your data? Now’s the perfect time to evaluate overall data integrity, alignment of master data rules to business process/behaviors, and ensure records are up to date before making the change. Don’t bring bad practices, antiquated master data settings or stranded transactions with you to the new digital world. In the Intelligent Enterprise, the power is in the data.
  • Do you believe you can clearly articulate your business objectives? What are you hoping to gain from making this change? The more knowledge about the capabilities of SAP and SAP S/4HANA in particular, the better you will be able to refine those objectives. Challenge your organization to go beyond “upgrade”.

One of the challenges with migrations or new implementations is the cost associated with them. With best of intentions on laying out scope at the beginning of the project, companies often find themselves short on budget when it comes time to focus on user education and engagement, process evaluation, and the flow and use of relevant information. Instead, we settle for a technical implementation that keeps us up and transacting. We then make up for what we don’t have time to explore with work arounds. With the promise of digital transformation, missing out on these critical pieces constrains our ability to make smart use of the flow of information due to significant gaps in how to leverage the intelligence.

To help fund your migration to S/4HANA, ask Reveal about our self-funding migration model. Reduce the cost of migration by first focusing on the business processes, educating the business community, team members and their managers and improving data integrity. This leads directly to operational cost savings and freed up capital tied up in excess inventory. This money can then go towards funding your S/4HANA migration. We will help you migrate empowered people, effective processes, and optimized data into SAP’s S/4HANA digital core.

Benefits of an Effective SAP S/4HANA Functional Migration

  • One system of record enabling tight coordination of activities based on informed decision-making
  • Reduction in customizations, improving the use of standard SAP capabilities and reducing the cost of maintenance, upkeep and testing
  • Improvements in cost, service level and inventory performance
  • Trustworthy and actionable real-time data
  • Business rules (master data) aligned with business processes
  • Increased education and acceptance; knowledge is power and a competitive advantage
  • Best practices and accountability structures
  • Ability to work seamlessly in a digital environment
  • Platform to deploy future innovation
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