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A successful Advisor would have started their career in a business role (Customer Service, Transportation, Logistics, Shipment or Warehouse Manager, etc.) for a company that used SAP, so they have knowledge of how SAP works for the business. Next, our Advisors have very strong configuration experience and have been on several projects and environments, so they have vast experience in Sales & Distribution (SD). They will be responsible for educating and guiding our clients on exception monitoring, LIS, and other standard SAP ECC Best Practices in the client’s environment.

Business Skills:

  • Must possess a passion for standing up in front of a group of people and educating them on how SAP works in a Business Role
  • Advanced Understanding of supply chain principles (best practices) in an SAP environment
  • Proven experience with change management at all organizational levels
  • Effective facilitation skills that lead to team buy-in and sustainability with the client
  • The ability to challenge teams (internal and external) / hold people accountable
  • Strong Excel and PowerPoint skills

Soft Skills:

  • Must be personable and confident and be able to leverage and navigate relationships strategically
  • Advocate for customer, ensuring the customer is obtaining support they require
  • Should quickly connect with people and be able to coach clients and teams to success
  • Must have strong problem-solving skills and be able to respond to situations with a sense of urgency
  • Ability handle change and make mid-course corrections when needed

SAP Experience:

  • 10 years’ experience with SAP SD configuration (Master Data, Sales Support, Billing, Credit Management, Invoice Lists, etc.)
  • Extensive and in-depth functional knowledge, along with knowledge of SAP with a good amount of implementation and delivery experience
  • Experienced with IMG configuration
  • Experienced with SAP best practices
  • Experienced with one or more; SAP ASAP methodology, agile methods, ITIL, Solution Manager or other project management tools
  • SAP certification a plus

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