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By Finus Rascoe February 28, 2018 by Reveal
SAP Solutions

Working with Reveal the past 6 months has been a favorable opportunity, not only do I gain new knowledge related to my skillset, but the overall experience, culture, and the values they live by are remarkable. One of the many reasons why I joined this organization as I heard that Reveal had an oVo® Methodology, an approach that was different than other SAP® consulting firms. The methodology provided a deeper and more comprehensive knowledge of the SAP® System. I was instantly intrigued because I always welcome new opportunities to strengthen my knowledge in regard to my craft.

During my time here with Reveal, I have become completely sold on the oVo® Methodology. At first, there was some skepticism on my part, but I kept an open mind. While I was going through the Business Engagement phase, it had become incredibly apparent the value that this methodology provided. In the beginning, it was not distinctly clear, some of the steps and approaches the methodology takes seemed like overkill or flat out, unnecessary. However, as the program progressed, it became obvious that there was a method to the madness.

SAP Solutions

The holistic approach is education coupled with an Assessment, Transformation, and Sustainment. In my past, I have been on several projects where one of the objectives was to reduce inventory and free up more revenue to be utilized in other business areas, which is one of many solutions the oVo® Methodology offers. However, the approach that other companies I’ve worked for, in comparison, provided more of a cut and slash approach. In most cases, they would group inventory in unique silos and do a mass change to some of their procurement settings. Whether it was lowering safety stock levels, canceling purchase orders or reducing procurement quantities … simply put, it was a horrible hack job.

Looking forward too many more months with Reveal, I am eager to be learning more about how Reveal’s approach works and ultimately being in a position to contribute to that, steadily maturing methodology. The more I learn about the inner workings of this approach, the more eager I become to dive in and participate.

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