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May 16, 2017 by Kelly Kuhlman
Supply Planning

There is no value in a forecast (even if we could forecast at 100% accuracy) if we cannot execute and supply to that forecast. Good companies are able to build a supply plan that meets the forecast no matter its accuracy. Great companies have been able to use the supply plan to help drive predictability and increase forecast accuracy throughout the end to end supply chain.

Key benefits of getting this right:

  • Optimal use of MRP/DRP/Heuristics
  • Availability of the right materials required for production, on time
  • Timely delivery of manufactured goods to your customers
  • Improved accuracy of plan attainment
  • Optimized Lead time management
  • Maintain the lowest level of inventory possible while maintaining sufficient safety stock
  • Ensure that materials are available for production and products are available for delivery
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