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Rough Cut

May 16, 2017 by Kelly Kuhlman
Capacity Planning

Do you have visibility into your long-term capacity constraints? Rough-cut capacity planning (RCCP) is used to check feasibility of the production plan with a typical view being 3-18 months. Utilizing RCCP provides management the ability to convert the production needed to capacity required, then compares it to capacity available. Armed with this information organizations can take action when capacity is limited including adding shifts or equipment, revising the production plan, subcontracting, etc.

Key Benefits of getting this right:

  • Vision of the strategic plan against bottleneck capacities
    • Machine
    • Labor
    • Vendor Capacity for Critical Materials
  • Visibility to prevent over procurement of Materials and Labor
  • Ability to conduct scenario planning against plant capacity
  • Simulations to assist in the creation of valid production plans
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