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May 16, 2017 by Kelly Kuhlman
Shorter Monthly Closes

The ability to produce timely and accurate financial statements within a reasonable period of time after the month has ended is critical to management in their ability to understand the financial health of the organization and allow management the opportunity to make decisions in a timely manner. Organizations that leverage SAP capabilities and Best Practices to address labor intensive monthly closes, manual processing of standard functions, underutilization of New G/L, Ledger and sub-ledgers not synching, GR/IR not clearing, and more are able to drastically optimize their Central Finance processes.

Key Benefits to getting this right:

  • Reduced Close Cycles
  • Automate finance processes
  • Increase COPA effectiveness
  • Improved and accurate Planning and Forecasting
  • Improved usage of standard analytic reports
  • Trustworthy reporting and decision-making information
  • Increased analysis capability and exception monitoring mindset
  • KPIs aligned with business performance and objectives
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