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The Social Supply Chain

By Aimee Latuszek June 6, 2018 by Reveal

As a millennial, it’s obvious to see that there is one aspect of modern marketing that can instill fear deep into the hearts of older generations: ‘Social Media.’ As you may already know, Social Media is no longer a hobby, a trend, or a mere pastime. This once-considered downtime activity is now a booming industry—and the trends are only looking up from here. With ever-changing updates, social media can seem daunting and confusing. It seems as though every week there is a new trend on Facebook, a topic to be discussed on LinkedIn—but how does one stay on track? You may be wondering, is ‘what’s social media have to do with my supply chain?’ The short answer is, much more than meets the eye.

The Social Supply Chain: What Is It?

First and foremost, I’d like to introduce the idea of the ‘Social Supply Chain.’ This notion involves critical thinking, planning, and forecasting in order to increase awareness and visibility for an organization. For instance, social media and the supply chain may actually consider themselves close relatives. What do I mean by this? Keep an open mind: in order to have a successful supply chain, careful tactics, planning, and controls must be put in place. All pieces of the chain must work towards a common goal—without preparation, and tactfulness and a set goal in mind the whole chain can fall into pieces. The same can be said for a successful social media schedule. Social media posts are not created by chance and are measured in success by means of engagement with each post. The most successful posts are ones that are planned in advance. With planning comes preparation, and in order to effectively prepare our social media, I ask myself the following questions: what’s the message we are trying to portray? How can we effectively get our message across in 250 characters or less? What are some key takeaways a user should receive when they interact with our content? Lastly, is our content meaningful and thought-provoking? The answers to these questions are the key to success and engagement. Think critically, and ask yourself this question: ‘How are you engaging your social supply chain?’ Your answer to this inquiry can only assist you and your social supply chain.


What can it do for you?

Through social media engagement, an organization can reach a multitude of heights that were simply impossible to scale in terms of 20, 30 years ago. Communication is now expected to be instantaneous—and I believe this expectation can hit a home run in terms of B2C communication. Today, if your organization has a message to portray, an emotion to connect with, or a passion to provoke—it is as easy as pressing send. Should you search for new talent to add to your supply chain, the process is supercharged with the advancement of the internet and social media, making communication easier than ever. Social media can be seen as the hidden link in your supply chain—allowing your organization to connect effortlessly with those in and around your company.

Social media is a popular notion throughout a multitude of industries due to the fact that visibility for your organization can skyrocket just by posting online and consistently maintaining your social supply chain presence. By effectively communicating to those internally and externally within your organization, a simple non-verbal message can be portrayed: ‘hey, we’re still here, we have a great service to provide, valued morals to uphold, and a message that can really connect with you—here’s how you should get involved today.’ Ask yourself this: ‘how are you connecting your product to your people?’

“How  are you connecting your product to your people?” 

Lastly, I’d like to discuss how social media can reduce costs. Yes—the golden words have been written. When used effectively, social media can actually reduce the cost of operations for your organization! I know, this can seem like a shock since it appears as though so much time, effort, and patience are put into an effective social media program. However, this ideal scenario is not out of reach for any organization. Social media can effectively portray what a customer can experience when choosing your organization. When your social media can back up the actions of those on the front lines—customers see a connect and relate to messages you are portraying. When less time is spent discussing fundamentals, more time is able to be spent on discussing what you can provide to your customers in a face to face setting.  This may seem far-fetched, but by spending more time using your social supply chain in an effective manner- you will spend less time trying to communicate your RTB (reason to believe). What does your organization believe in? What can make others believe that you are the best of the best? This is the time that can be saved and will allow your organization to adapt the supply chain—since it is an ever-changing, constantly moving demographic. Take the time to ask yourself: ‘If we had time left over—how could we effectively use it?’

One can see that social media and the supply chain go hand in hand. Both social media and the supply chain rely on planning, timeliness, and consistency in order to lead first in the pack. Now that you know how important a social supply chain is to increase visibility, effectively communicate with clients, and lower the cost of operations- I implore you to take a look into what Reveal produces first hand. If you have not done so already, please check out and follow our Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter to peer into a baseline of a successfully implemented social supply chain. By increasing awareness of what your social supply chain can do for your organization- you can consider yourself one step closer to unlocking the key to social media. Fear no more!

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