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Supply Chain Bootcamp, Las Vegas

October 9, 2013 by Reveal

Find out why 100% of Supply Chain Bootcamp attendees in Chicago, IL recommend and approve of this seminar!

The Supply Chain Bootcamp seminar is the only seminar for teams that optimize and improve supply chain management processes using the standard SAP systems already in place. Through interactive lectures and demonstrations you will:

*Walk through proven supply chain optimization techniques that will reduce inventory levels up to 15% within 6 months

*Learn critical supply chain integration techniques to help enhance lead time accuracy by 15-20%

*Get field-tested advice for aligning inventory quantities with lead times and service levels, improving service levels by 20% within 6 months

*Hear firsthand how to leverage SAP ERP tools that you already own to set tangible performance targets

Supply Chain Bootcamp will take place in Las Vegas from November 13-15, 2013.

To learn more information about the seminar, including how to register, please visit: scmbootcamp.wispubs.com

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