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The oVo® Methodology Inspires Culture Change at Blount International

By Reveal September 23, 2011 by Reveal

Blount International SuccessBlount’s successful application of Reveal’s ongoing Value optimization® (oVo®) Methodology has inspired a culture change in the way SAP is used for their supply chain operations.

Improvements have been made across the entire supply chain in sales forecast planning, production planning, and raw material inventory planning. A new culture of management by exception will continue to drive Blount to new performance levels, while the Process Aligned Team builds and strengthens the communication across all areas of the organization.

Reveal’s work with Blount is an example of how the oVo® Methodology is unique and unlike any traditional consulting approaches on the market. Reveal’s team did not just go into Blount’s system and clean up data. Instead, the oVo® Methodology has helped Blount look at their master data and optimize the data to improve inventory turns and increase service levels. In this initiative, Reveal’s team educated Blount to ensure further success for their organization. For instance, the IT team no longer focuses on routine maintenance for Blount’s SAP system because members of the management team are involved with many of these processes and are prepared to take on problems if they arise. As a result, the IT team can now focus on providing more functionality and technology improvements instead of fixing system errors and end-user requests.

From a market standpoint, Blount is in a healthy position. Over the past 12 months, Blount has experienced an increase in market growth and revenue. In the last quarter following the Reveal oVo® intervention, revenue and production continued to show an increase in inventory levels decreased and inventory turns increased. Blount is saving money and increasing revenue by better planning how much inventory is used in production. It is not uncommon to see successful organizations looking to optimize their operations and increase their competitive advantage. Through the oVo® Methodology, Blount has changed their business operations in an innovative and sustainable way that is inspiring revenue growth, supply chain success, and customer satisfaction.

Dave Parrish, Vice President of Supply Chain for GM Blount KC, expressed to his team that “Reveal is rolling off this phase, but what we have learned and the behaviors instilled in each of us, have only begun.” As an organization, Blount now has the tools and capabilities to continue achieving their goals. Overall, Reveal’s oVo® Methodology has educated Blount’s team with the knowledge and skills that will guide them through their next phase of growth and result in success for their business operations.

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