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Transforming What Matters: Living the Reveal Brand

By Martin Rowan April 25, 2016 by Kelly Kuhlman

Reveal Provides SAP Education“Transforming What Matters” is more than Reveal’s tagline — not merely a clever sequence of words, but a notion that took a lot of thought and described our inner belief. It describes what we love doing — helping companies change for the better; it describes how we do it — we assess, we transform and we sustain; it describes our focus — transforming supply chains through a smart use of technology; and it describes why we do it — giving back to the things that matter (our family, our clients, our friends and our community).

As Reveal, we like to say, “we reveal the hidden value” of the potential in the supply chain. A play on our name, some may say it’s the reason for our name. Together, we help companies deliver on their promise to their customers through a smart use of their technology investment in SAP. Our ongoing VALUE optimization® (oVo®) methodology is transformative in nature and challenges traditional thinking, builds confidence and inspires possibilities.

So what does that mean to us, as Reveal-ians? How do we live and breathe the tagline / our motto / our creed of “Transforming what matters”? How do we help our clients transform what matters to them? How do we help each other be successful with the things that matter to us? In short, we need to learn how to “always be transforming” ourselves to remain true to the Reveal brand, to live our brand identity. To be:

Supplying trusted data that installs confidence and empowers people to do better in their jobs, and in their lives. We are committed to our approach and hold ourselves accountable for helping our clients use what they have: people, systems, and passions, to transform business and realize their most ambitious objectives.

Harnessing complexity with unparalleled accuracy, we execute with thought and precision toward the desired outcome.

Real value is real people. Through dialogue and openness to ideas, we not only develop the strongest possible thinking, we pinpoint issues that matter most to our clients. We challenge you to understand, adapt and succeed.

Craftsmanship is our trademark. We are artisans in technology. We offer a unique combination of strategic vision and tactical execution. We install technology into companies and change into people. We work so our business has a way of giving back.

We are leaders in our industry. We change the way people think and operate. There is creativity in pulling it all together and making it work, to get to that moment of WOW! — of discovery and change.

We are refreshing to work with. We use humor to solve problems and minimize conflict. We take you on an exciting journey. We enjoy the process and its outcomes right along with you, even in the most demanding conditions.

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